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AF_BUS patch A bugzilla to track issues against AF_BUS patch from GENIVI
Android Auto PoC This bug tracker is deprecated. Please use GENIVI's public JIRA/
Baserock Please file bugs related to Baserock upstream.
Browser PoC A proof of concept showing functionality and features of an automotive web browser
Common API for IPC Common API for IPC
Franca Tooling A set of tools to work with Franca and Franca files
GENIVI Audio Manager The AudioManager is a framework for managing audio in the IVI context.
GENIVI Demonstration Platform GENIVI's demonstrator platform
GENIVI Diagnostic Log and Trace Diagnostic Log and Trace is a reusable open source software component for standardized logging and tracing in infotainment ECUs based on the AUTOSAR 4.0 standard.
GENIVI IT Infrastructure bugs/suggestions relating to the IT Infrastructure (such as mailing lists, web sites, git and bugzilla admin) for the GENIVI Open Source Projects. This bugzilla instance is deprecated, please see the GENIVI Public JIRA
GENIVI IVI Layer Management The goal of this work package is to define a common API and provide a proof-of-concept implementation for the IVI Layer Management Service.
IVI Navigation Services designed to take advantage of location and navigation in a car.
IVI Radio Software for managing stations in a radio tuner on a IVI unit.
IoNAS The IoNAS project provides an Eclipse-based tool for the connection of AUTOSAR/GENIVI systems on the model level.
Lifecycle Software and projects from the SI EG under the lifecycle headline
Media Manager An indexing media manager for IVI
Persistence Storing persistent data on a GENIVI system and its related components
Renesas Generation 2 A product from Renesas that describes their second generation builds with meta-ivi. Different hardware boards are covered by this product.
SmartDeviceLink SmartDeviceLink is a project which intends to standardize and wrap the many in-vehicle interfaces which may exist in the automotive context. PLEASE NOTE: bugs for SDL are no longer accepted in GENIVI's bug tracker, please see for adding issues to SDL
SomeIP SomeIP stack reference implementation
System Infrastructure EG A place to keep projects and other work packages needing issue tracking that originate in the GENIVI SI EG
Wayland IVI Extension An implementation of the LayerManagement API
Web API Vehicle Reference implementation of GENIVI Web Vehicle API.
Yocto baseline Issues related to yocto GENIVI baseline build and meta-ivi